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The first known human inhabitants of the Sahuarita region were the Hohokam people in AD 200 to 1400. These inhabitants may be the ancestors of the modern day Tohono O’odham nation. The Hohokam were known for their highly innovative and extensive use of irrigation to make the soil fertile. and they were a very peaceful people They also had established quite extensive trading  routes that extended to mesoamerica, and there are  many cultural influences from their southern neighbors. 

Sahuarita was formed in 1870 according to Historica Sources….

An 1870 map of Arizona shows an “Indian Village” just north of Sahuarita. The earliest known reference to the town can be found on a German map from 1875, which labels the town “Sahuarito”. The first known US map to list the town came in 1879, by the US Department of Interior, calling the town “Saurita”. The Saurita town name would continue to be found on successive maps of 1880 and 1890. Finally, a 1925 map of “Auto Trails” (e.g. roadways) of Arizona and New Mexico lists “Continental” instead of Sahuarita. The roadway at the time was an “improved road”, one step inferior to a “paved road”, laying the route to what today is called the Old Nogales Highway.

Today Sahuarita is a vibrant community on the outskirts of Tucson just a short way off the I 19 Freeway.

The Rancho Sahuarita Community has built a wonderful Lake for the residents and others to enjoy, and there are many new home Communities in the area for first time home buyers and also for Retirees.




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