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The town of Vail is about 21 miles southeast of Tucson. Vail is conveniently close to I-10, which runs east to Tucson and Phoenix and to New Mexico. 


The Hohokam populated most of Southern Arizona from about 300 C.E. Farmers and traders, the Hohokam dominated the region until about 1500 C.E. when they mysteriously disappeared.
The Tucson area was then settled by the Tohono O’odham (the desert people), who farmed along the Santa Cruz and Gila Rivers. Neighbouring Apache frequently raided them; later the Spaniards built a walled fort at Tucson to protect settlers from them. 

First Europeans to reach the area were the Spaniards, who settled in the river valleys of Southern Arizona throughout the 1700s. The area remained part of Spain until the Civil War, when Mexico gained self governance. The Gadsden Purchase of 1853 bought Southern Arizona for the United States.  


The Vail School District encompasses six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools The District remains committed to its low student to teacher ratios and high degree of community involvement. Vail schools are noticeable for the importance placed on a safe and homey classroom environment. According to their mission statement, the District prefers small schools: “We seek to create that small school atmosphere in all of our schools, regardless of the size that growth and economics may force them to become. 


Residents of Vail enjoy a fantastic outdoor lifestyle, with year round sun and great recreational opportunities, from world-class golf to skiing at the nearby Mt. Lemmon resort. A small town sense of community, highly affordable housing, and great schools make Vail the perfect place to bring up a young family, while proximity to Tucson and big city jobs and culture make Vail an ideal commute. This is not to suggest that Vail has no economy of its own; Arizona has worked hard to attract the technology industry to the region. 




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